Why I love my mother

Here’s an email from my mom, who is spending two weeks at a retirement village in Florida to take care of my 94-year-old grandmother. It’s full of bitching and I love it.
“Dad and I decided we can skip seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D because we have fallen down the rabbit hole here and entered a world we do not recognize. How many times can you explain that dad is still working even though he officially retired and that college basketball players still go to class and that the Super Bowl is not the beginning of football season? And identifying the names of her 8 great grandchildren, even though we framed all the recent class pictures, and have repeated the names at least 50 times since arriving here. And answering the question “is Rose dead?” and trying to understand how going to church for one hour on Sunday would make her ill, but going out to eat 3 times a day is never a problem. Alice had nothing on us…this is a new dimension. 9 days to go….but, who’s counting. Love Mom.”

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back . . .

Facebooking is a whole lot easier than blogging. Especially if you tend to lose interest in things quickly. And like to post pics from your iPhone. And enjoy instant gratification. But today I’m writing something big, and FB won’t be able to handle it all.

First I have to go pour boiling water over the weeds growing through our patio pavers since we’re having people over for dinner tonight.

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BOB from Monsters & Aliens

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One Down – One to Go!

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Teddy in the Buff

Teddy In The Buff

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today, for sure

Pans for B.O.B and teddy cakes

Pans for B.O.B and teddy cakes. Slow going–bear with me (ha! Get it? BEAR!?)

cake to follow. . .

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let them eat cake

Starting two cakes for the weekend–a tiny teddy bear and Bob the blob from “Monsters vs. Aliens.” Three-dimensional cakes are my absolute favorites (sheet cakes are boring-they all look the same to me) and it’s been enough time between projects that I’m actually looking forward to these.

I’ve always thought that cake decorating is kind of bizarre. I put it in the same category at ice sculpting and sandcastle building–projects for people that need some sort of time and labor-intensive creative outlet, but don’t want their art hanging around too long, staring them in the face.  The fact that my masterpieces also get EATEN is maybe something I shouldn’t analyze too much.

I’ll post pics, in case anyone wants a how-to. . .

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